Education in Israel refers to the comprehensive education system of  Israel. Expenditure on education accounts for only approximately 10% of GDP, and most schools are subsidized by the state. The education system consists of three tiers: primary education (grades 1-6, approx. ages 6–12), middle school (grades 7-9, approx. ages 12–15) and high school (grades 10-12, approx. ages 15–18).

In 2012, Israel was named the second most educated country in the world according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Education at a Glance report, released in 2012. The report found that 78% of the money invested in education is from public funds and 45% of the population has a university or college diploma.

The Psychometric Entrance Test (PET), is standardized test in Israel, generally taken as a higher education admission exam. The PET covers three areas: mathematics, verbal reasoning, and the English language.

Sample of the math test part of the test for the PET is shown below

Math Test Sample