Math Olympus is a collection of basic and advanced math  exercises for school students.  





1. Page Multiple Choice Test  covers multiple choice quizzes for grades from 5 to high school. Tests include main core practice as well as advanced drills.  


  Problems by subject

Logic    Geometry   Motion    Bar Graphs    Percentage    Probability 


2. Section “International Tests” includes: a) Largest education International PISA test covers more than 60 countries 864 b) TIMSS TEST (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) provides a series of international assessments of students around the world for grade 3 to 4, 7 to 8 and grade 12 865 c) International Benchmark Math Tests (IBT) have been designed to assess the generic skills for school students (grade 3 to 10)  866 3. Page National Tests presents math tests that evaluate skills of the students in different countries: USA, Hong-Kong, Russia, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, Singapore and UK.  867 4. Section Contests is a data base of math problems presented at the International and Canadian Competitions and Olympiads. 



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